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Expanding Bankruptcy Protection for Pensions

By Columbia-Lexington Bankruptcy Attorney Lex Rogerson In the third in a series of articles on debtor-friendly U.S. Supreme Court decisions, we look at a 1992 opinion that excludes ERISA-qualified retirement plans from the bankruptcy estate. Today, bankruptcy lawyers in Columbia…

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Can I File Bankruptcy Again?

By Columbia – Lexington Bankruptcy Attorney Lex Rogerson While bankruptcy is not restricted to one per customer, the code does limit how soon after a prior bankruptcy you may file again. The great majority of my clients file bankruptcy a single time. But the…

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Essential Bankruptcy Terms: Property

Written by Columbia – Lexington Bankruptcy Attorney Lex Rogerson In this second article of a series on bankruptcy terminology, we look at the important concept of property, which includes virtually every kind of asset or ownership right a debtor may…

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