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Bankruptcy Exemptions

Inherited IRA’s still safe in South Carolina bankruptcies

By Columbia – Lexington Bankruptcy Attorney Lex Rogerson State law exemption means Supreme Court decision exposing inherited IRA’s should not impact SC bankruptcy filers The U.S. Supreme Court recently held that the federal bankruptcy exemption does not protect an individual retirement account inherited…

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Filing Bankruptcy: What If I Have Moved?

By Columbia – Lexington Bankruptcy Attorney Lex Rogerson In bankruptcy, your domicile affects where you file your case and what exemptions you can use. Joe and Susan had recently moved to Columbia from Arizona when they came to see me about bankruptcy. …

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Bankruptcy and Senior Citizens

By Columbia-Lexington Bankruptcy Attorney Lex Rogerson An increasing segment of those filing bankruptcy here in the Columbia area are elderly, and their cases can involve special concerns. As a baby boomer primarily responsible for the care of a 99-year-old parent,…

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